The objective it is to create a fun-learning environment with interactive games for parents and kids in order to accelerate kids learning process and increase parents involvement on their kids reading development. The  response of “lets go to the park” is totally different than “lets go to the library”. Texas has a high number of Hispanic population which means that many of our kids are bilingual nowadays; these boards will have certain words in English and Spanish to increase the Spanish understanding for non-hispanic people.

The physical space of these installations will be located at San Marcos Children‘s Park and it has a lot of space in the play area and where the picnic tables are located, far from the bigger kids. 

Chalkboards will be installed all over the park where the grown-ups kids are. In one side they will have outlined letter forms in order for smaller kids to color the inside, and in the other side will be the letter with a dotted space in order for them to try to look for a word that begins with that letter. Two kids will be able to use the chalkboard at the same time because of its horizontal position.

The typeface used in this project is Museo Sans, which is a rounded typeface which makes it more attractive to kids. It is also pretty geometrical, the counters are really rounded, straight lines, and basic forms, in order for them to learn easier the letter form.