Taxco is a city located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The word Taxco comes from "Tlacotl" which means place of the ball game in Nahuatl (aztec language). Due to the beauty of this small and ancient city, Taxco was designated a magic town- meaning a town with a special something. 

Taxco became one of the most important silver mining areas in Mexico. Today, in almost every corner of the town, you can find stores where locally-produced silver jewelry is sold. The main idea of the logo was to represent the ball game and the silver mines, this logo it's emulating both things. The photography used on this campaign, it is representing the city itself. When a new company or business try to open in Taxco it is impossible to use more colors other than black or white, or a variation of them. The gray color was selected in representation of the silver and following this same rule.